Graphic Designer

Industry: Advertising

Daydreamers and doodlers wanted… Graphic designers are a unique breed.  The job requires daydreaming, doodling, sketching, drawing, and stylizing.  And then making sense of it all.


Graphics Designers are often the most unsung heroes of the industry. Responsible for visually organizing, and implementing ideas, making sense of the art overall workload.  They have to cohesively construct art, for or with an Art Director, to fully express the creative team’s work in response to Creative Director and/or client requests. 


A degree or certificate from a college or art school is often required.  But what truly scores Graphic Designers, as well as, Copywriters and Art Directors their first job, is the strength of their portfolios. The portfolio represents the talent of the individual, and therefore the possibilities to the employer. 


With job opportunities ranging from website design to print and video advertisements, this career is growing in size and importance as the world of business becomes more and more competitive. Possible promotions include moving up to Art Director or even Creative Director.


The opportunities for Graphic Designers are as vast as their imaginations, and just as unpredictable. They play an essential role in the world of media.

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