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For those who understand that while a picture is worth a 1,000 words, that right word is worth 1,000 pictures…


As one of the most indispensible parts of any creative team, or department, they are tasked with creating the written (or spoken) content for advertisements alongside teams of Designers, Art Directors and Creative Directors.

From the client, they take the information (or “copy”) about the desired product, service, or person about to be campaigned, and turn it into exciting and persuasive writing.  But the title of Copywriter is a misnomer in that while words establish the emotional tone and reinforce a brand’s strategic positioning, Copywriters must have a visual sense in order to better conceive and communicate, “how an idea should look and feel visually.”


While no college education is necessary, a degree (in Communications, Journalism, Marketing, Creative Writing etc) can help an aspiring Copywriter gain a firm foundation in persuasive writing and help them land their first job. An exciting career with plenty of room for growth and advancement, Copywriting often leads to bigger jobs in the industry.

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