Art Director

Industry: Advertising

For those who can imagine the possibilities…


Imagine if,” are the two words that start every Art Director’s creative process.  Then they make “IF”, a reality.   If you have a strong passion for art, and the ability to develop an idea and take it from concept to final completion, Art Direction may be a career in which you’d thrive.


Responsible for the visual aspects of Advertising, Art Directors are very creative individuals who can take an idea and transform it into a graphical representation.  Working closely with Copywriters, Art Directors often suggest ideas and receive feedback about their art.


As with Graphic Designers, a college or art school degree or certificate is helpful but not always required to get your foot in the door.  Eventually, some Art Directors are promoted to the position of Creative Director.  Interpersonal skills and the ability to work teams toward a common goal are vital for success in this field. 


Additionally, an eye for appropriately conceiving and creating a visual language that is both compelling and appropriate for the project at hand, are even more essential to achieving success in this career role.

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