Creative Director

Industry: Advertising

Creative Director is everything the title would lead you to believe and countless things beyond that.

Creative Directors are responsible for the quality of the content creative teams (Copywriters and Art Directors) create.  From generating concepts through completion of production of the final creative product.  It is a demanding, but quite rewarding job.  Creative Directors are thoroughly experienced in all aspects of Advertising.

Creative Directors give guidance to their team and work with Account Executives to ensure that the client’s needs are fully met.  Often they rise from the ranks of Copywriter or Art Director after proving their skills on countless brands with various media outlets and campaigns.

While there is no specific college degree in Creative Direction, a strong foundation in art and writing is expected.  Some exceptional Creative Directors are promoted to Executive Creative Director, a position that oversees teams of Creative Directors and their projects.

 Verbal and aesthetic expertise, in addition to interpersonal skills, are essential to rise to the position. A combination of art and technical expertise and interpersonal skills are highly needed and what set Creative Directors apart.

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