Chief Photographer

Industry: Advertising

Photographic expression are their thing… Chief Photographers are always taking pictures of and have a passion for expressing emotions and information through photography.  They already know what the pictures look like long before snapping the shutter.  

Chief Photographers are responsible for teams of photographers and the projects that they work on for the rest of the Advertising department or firm. While it can be a lot of responsibility, Chief Photographers are often given a lot of creative leeway for the direction of the photographic aspect of projects.  Their recommendations are highly respected, therefore people in this position need to be strong thinkers in present and in future.

A college degree in photography is not required, however it can help an aspiring photographer move up the ranks to staff photographer, and eventually to being the big chief.

The most important requirements for this job are being able to create the look desired by the client, and combine the technical aspects of photography with managing others to achieve successful creative campaigns.  While not an easy job to acquire, it can be a highly rewarding and creatively fulfilling job.

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