Chief Creative Officer

Industry: Advertising

From day to day, or more accurately, from one moment to the next, as CCO you’re running the whole operation.  CCO’s have a strong passion for written and visual communication.  Yet, they’re strategic thinking and creative problem solving are critical to success. They are responsible for large groups of teams, and must bring new and innovative ideas to their agency’s campaigns and contribute to planning all while managing and facilitating client-agency relationships on an executive level…

Chief Creative Officers are under constant pressure to keep themselves and their teams ahead of the competition.  And while it is a very demanding job, it can also be very fulfilling for those with the right mindset. As a CCO, you would be responsible for the agency’s creative department and performance. Attending meetings, setting goals, understanding how to motivate those under you, and detailed knowledge of all aspects of Advertising are crucial elements of the position.

Being highly competitive is a big help, but so is understanding how to motive and lead. A degree in Advertising or Marketing is essential to landing the job, as is considerable work experience in the other various fields of Advertising. While the job comes with the responsibility of the successes or failures of the entire agency, it is the pinnacle of the Advertising profession.

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