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You're a geek and proud of it.  You get the math, you get the engineering.  You've always liked to tinker with them and tear them apart.  Or, you're the kind that likes to write programs and codes.  You know you've got mad computer skills and want to put them to good use, and earn a good living with them too. 

The Computer and Information Technology career game is wide open.  Install printers, PCs and networks connecting systems and technologies and more.  Do hands on work configuring servers, databases, software and hardware upgrades.  Or, design, develop and evaluate softwares, systems and applications that computers use.  Be promoted to manager and lead a team of system engineers and network administrators to project glory.  It’s all possible.

To start, you may have to crawl under desks to lay cable or hook up scanners and other types of electronic equipment to make sure everything is running.  But, hey, it’s exercise.  Or maybe you’ll be some clueless office worker’s hero as a team member with the company's IT support line.  Or you'll be the guinea pig for testing and verifying new and ongoing designs of computer software.  Entry level roles include Computer Repair Technicians, Installation Technicians, Help Desk Analysts, Junior Programmers, Junior Engineers and System Specialists.

Best bet is to decide what interests you the most.  Once you’re absolutely sure, get certified!  Then, increase your knowledge with seminars, workshops and on-the-job training.  This will speed up promotion by leaps and bounds.  IT jobs are so multifaceted and varied, you can definitely shoot for the stars.  Top jobs include Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, IT Security Analyst and Software Developer.  When you become a seasoned veteran in the digital wars , you might be promoted to Director or become your company's Chief Information Officer.

There's a lot to the tech careers market. Decide what you like to do most and set your mind to that direction. Once you're in, you can increase your skill sets and work your way up.  Go for it.
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