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Advertising.  There is probably no other profession in the world that pays you to be creative, eccentric, and slightly schizophrenic.  Globally impactful campaigns, late nights, early mornings and everything in between are all part of job. Lucky for those long work hours that this industry is filled with some of the most engaging and entertaining people on the planet.


The main job of ad agencies is to create multimedia advertising campaigns that help create brand interest, awareness, and result in sales/impressions/revenue. Or, in other words, craft the image and voice of global brands, creatively solving billion dollar businesses.  The great thing about this industry is that it pays you to generate ideas and be informed of, and even ahead of, the next big thing pop culture has to offer.  You are a trendsetter, but one of the masses simultaneously, if you do it right.


Expect to be horribly underpaid initially.  But, the good news is that you will be horribly overpaid with a few successes under your belt.  Career advice for an up and coming advertising superstar? Start with entry level jobs such as Administrative Assistant, Account Executive, Copywriter or Graphic Designer.  Creativity and ambition are always encouraged and often rewarded in advertising. 


Promotions will eventually lead to bigger, better and more lucrative job titles.  Jobs such as Client Service Director, Production Manager, Art Director and Creative Director.  Or see yourself at the top as the Chief Creative Officer.


One key point though. Advertising can be a shark tank and dog eat dog environment.  The same people you work with can easily steal your genius.  Hold your ideas dear in this industry.  They’re your most precious resource and key to advancement. But overall, with that "beautiful mind" of yours, you can reap all the benefits when your amazing ideas come to fruition.

Ground Level Jobs in Advertising
Account Executive Copywriter Graphic Designer
Dream Jobs in Advertising
Chief Creative Officer Art Director Creative Director
Good Communication Tech Savvy Sales Oriented Presentation Management Decision Making Committed Initiative Flexibility Energetic Goal Driven Client Oriented Detail Oriented Team Player Competitive Leadership Fast Paced
Internet Bookmarks Microsoft Excel Yahoo Messenger Safari Blackberry External Drive Microsoft Powerpoint Google Talk Flash Drives Firefox Business Card Scanner
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