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Designers tend to look at the world through different-colored glasses.  Shapes, colors, lines, curves and other-worldly creatures live inside their mental carousel.  Dissect their brains and you will be left scratching your head and wondering what these people have been into.  Or perhaps, that's you, and you completely get it!  It's called creativity and if you're targeting the Design and Multimedia industries, you need tons of it at your disposal.  Now, the task is to learn how to get recognition and pay for it.  Website design, print design, game design and even interior design are perfect hatching places for talent.  And that's just the beginning. 

Think artist jobs, photography jobs, design jobs, production jobs, video game jobs and other creative jobs.  All these areas need designers. Plus a lot of these jobs include the flexibility of being freelance jobs and online jobs as well.

The best career advice is to know both yourself and where your talent lie.  Are you more inclined to design the latest fantasy character, cereal box, magazine layout, CD cover, hotel lobby or something else?  Entry level jobs include Assistant, Graphic Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and more.  If your heart and your work ethic is in it, there's so much farther you can go.  Picture yourself as a Senior Illustrator, Set Designer, Visual Merchandiser, Textile Designer or even Art Director or Creative Director! 

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