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Sales. The image of the direct door-to-door salesman pushing his snake oil on an unsuspecting mother comes to mind.  Or maybe you're thinking of the greased-up used car sales rep selling you a lemon.  Most people won't touch this industry with a 10-foot pole, which is a pity because sales jobs are your fastest ticket to a six-figure income.  For instance, let's say you sell corporate jets for a living and you get five percent of a sale.  That's five percent of five million dollars.  Get the idea?  Also, sales jobs will always be needed by every company on the planet.  Gyms, schools, airlines, broadcast stations, restaurants... the list goes on forever.  For that very reason, you can invent yourself in the industry.  Crazy about sports?  You can sell advertising for your favorite team!

Start smart with an entry level job in direct sales, retail sales or advertising sales.  Learn that to be good with selling, you must be able to overcome objections and understand human psychology.  Sales Associates and Sales Representatives equipped with proper sales training at the very start of their careers will soon realize that the basic concept of selling is helping people solve their problems.  Have a problem?   Provide the solution to your client.  And just like that, the company you work for has revenue.  You just happen to be paid for finding it - salary, commission, bonuses and sales goal prizes - sometimes even all at the same time!  And did you know that companies usually fight over top sales performers?  Translation.  More money.  

After an entry level job and adequate sales training, aim next for jobs like Sales Account Executive, Account Manager or Client Relationship Manager.  Then when you've got that down, see yourself at the top.  Sales Manager, Sales Director, Regional Sales Manager or National Sales Manager are just a few top jobs in the industry and are well worth the climb.
Ground Level Jobs in Sales
Account Executive Sales Assistant Trainee
Dream Jobs in Sales
General Sales Manager National Sales Manager Regional Sales Manager Vice President
Fast Paced Leadership Competitive Good Communication Positive Attitude Goal Driven Team Player Initiative Detail Oriented Customer Service Client Oriented Energetic Reliability Active Listening Problem Solving
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