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Do you love numbers?  Do you eat them for breakfast?  Are you one of those who can stare lovingly at spreadsheets all day?  Are you all about the money?  Congratulations.  It appears that a solid career in Accounting and Finance is your game.  Accounting and Finance is the backbone, framework and language of business.  

Depending on your degree of sociability, you can end up as an Investment Banker rock star, an equally intense behind-the-scenes Accountant or at the top of the ladder as a Fortune 500 company's Chief Financial Officer.   That's right. The enthralling hold of numbers for you can actually be a very lucrative career on Wall Street or even Main Street if you play your cards right.   Although the days of big bonuses and six-figure incomes enjoyed by top-earning Accountants, Investment Bankers, Analysts, and Chief Financial Officers are long past, a career here can still quickly translate to a lot of money.  

Despite the economic downturn, quantitative analysis is still the name of the game.  To measure if a company is performing, we turn to an Accountant or an Auditor.  To conduct evaluations to see if a company or stock is worth purchasing, we turn to the ever-so-trustworthy Finance Analyst.  Remember that a long-term career in the world of Accounting and Finance starts by learning the ropes.  

Economic cycles are about boom and bust periods.  Starting with entry level jobs during the recession can give you the edge needed to propel you to new heights for when the next period of economic growth begins.  But when it does, you have all the options to make this a top career.

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Accounts Receivable/Payable Book Keeper Finance Analyst
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Chief Financial Officer Controller Accountant | CPA Investment Banker
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