How To... Make Coffee For The Office
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Whether you’ve had a rough night or you’re just not a morning person, getting the energy to start your workday off on the right foot can be difficult. But don’t worry, your co-workers are feeling the same way.  The solution: a morning cup of coffee. You don’t have to bring in Starbucks; office coffee can be good too!  

Two questions.  First, should you make coffee for the office?  If it’s not in your job description, never feel obligated to do this.  It can quickly become the bane of your work existence.  However, if you’re all fired up about perking up your fellow employees with that sweet roast smell and taste, then by all means, have at it.  Truth is, you have no idea, how many conversations start just from coffee, let alone being the coffee maker.

The second question is, how should you make coffee for the office?
Basics – Hopefully the office has a good coffee maker, which would make the first step easy.   That first step being, you should never skip cleaning the coffee maker.  Getting rid of yesterdays coffee ground residue is sure to make today’s brew better.  Then, get out a fresh filter and scoop in one heaping tablespoon for each cup of coffee you’re making.  After that, remember how many scoops you put in, or cups you planned to make.  Then, add a cup of water (distilled water if possible) for each cup of coffee.  Make sure the filter and pot are in place, flip or press the “On/Start/Brew” switch, and wait for the coffeemaker to do its thing.  You’ll know it’s done when all the water has completely stopped dripping.

Add Some Variety – Don’t limit yourself to brewing the same coffee day in and day out. Mix it up!  Why not try a variety of brands, like Folgers, Maxwell House, or Dunkin Donuts? There are lots of ways to keep your morning cup of coffee interesting.  Bring in organic coffee, gourmet coffee, or flavored coffee.  And instead of using the same old powdered creamer that’s been sitting in the cupboard for years, try a few special flavored creamers.  

Remember It’s For You - So overall, don’t forget, if making coffee for the entire office isn't in your responsibility, don’t feel pressured to do it.  Meantime, remember that when you make coffee for the office, don’t limit yourself to the same old boring thing.  Be creative.  Whatever gets you over that morning hump.  And remember, it’s more for you than anyone else, to jump start your day, to do your job, and be the best at what you do.

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How To... Make Coffee For The Office
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