Introduce Yourself at Work
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Yo, what up, my name is John, but my friends call me Butter. I’m in the cube by the door. Hit me up if you need anything.” LOL! Unless you’re joining a rock band, that is NOT the best way to introduce yourself at work. A professional introduction will help you far more in establishing good working relationships immediately.

In general, think of introducing yourself at work as more formal than with new friends, but less formal than a job interview.

Sincere Gestures - Whether someone introduces you or you approach another to introduce yourself, make eye contact and smile. This simple gesture goes so far, and it puts forth a message that says, “I respect you, and I’m approachable.” And be sincere in your actions. And of course shake hands when possible, and yes, your right hand is best.

Say Your Name – Introduce yourself by your first name. If you go by a nickname, say that secondary and make sure that it is appropriate such as Red or Ziggy. Do not go below the waist on this one.

Walk Around - During your first day or first week, if you’re in a smaller company, walk around and introduce yourself. Or, especially in larger companies, ask a supervisor or co-worker to give you a tour of the place. And especially ask for introductions to key people you’ll be working with. Note. Remember names! Carry a pad and pen if you have to.

Ask Questions – Perhaps the most important part of introductions is to ask the other person about their role in the company and how your job will relate to theirs. Learning their background and responsibilities will become very helpful as you get started on your job. If they ask you a question, answer and return the question to them. This shows your interest in them and will be a great start to some positive office relationships.

Overall, just be your best professional self. Master introducing yourself with that extra heap of self-confidence, and you’ll be off to meeting new people and making the rounds in no time.

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