Before Leaving, Pt. 3
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Finally, you’ve made the decision.  You’re leaving your job behind.  Congratulations.  Hopefully to move on to bigger and better things no doubt. You have a list of things to take care of now.

Final Days
  • Start saying good bye to co-workers.  It’s always good to have a mental script ready for the inevitable questions of your next job venture. 
  • You could even exercise the last day “goodbye email” to your teams with your personal message and further contact info.
  • Also, do not leave a mess of your workspace.  Clean up your stuff, and especially remember to take all personal items.  When you give notice, you can start doing this a day at a time in order to avoid a mess of work and a “big box” move on your last day. 
  • And then on the last day, put back company materials, and clean company equipment like the computer and keyboard. 

Doing these things will save you some headache, and will keep your reputation in tact as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

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