Before Leaving, Pt. 1
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Finally, you’ve made the decision.  You’re leaving your job behind.  Congratulations.  Hopefully to move on to bigger and better things no doubt. You have a list of things to take care of now.

First Steps – What to take care of immediately after your big decision.
  • When breaking the news, discuss it in a private meeting with your boss first and foremost.  Having your boss find out first through word of mouth, will greatly injure your reputation.  Besides, it’s just a respectful, professional courtesy that is due your employer. 
  • Writing up a nice, simple to the point Letter of Resignation is always a good policy.
  • DO NOT leave your employer and colleagues high and dry.  Imagine how you felt when that co-worker just disappeared and you were left picking up the slack.  Two weeks notice is the normal policy, but the more notice you can give, the better.  And it's always helpful to review your company's policy on the proper notice time.
Doing these things will save you some headache, and will keep your reputation in tact as you move on to the next chapter of your life.

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