Initiating a Recycling Program
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You might have been surprised to learn no recycling initiative had begun at your workplace.  This is the 21st Century!  What modern company doesn’t recycle?  Why not show some initiative of how great you are for your employer?  Break through the stubborn ways of the old-timers, and take it upon yourself to get this recycling thing rolling.


Team Up - Your first step to recycling at work is to gain management support.  Without “The Man’s” support, you won’t succeed.  You can sell the program on cost effectiveness resulting from waste removal reduction and the possibility of extra income to the office from rare recycled materials.  Once “okayed,” talk to facility managers and/or maintenance managers introducing the program.  You may also want to recruit staff support or a ‘green team’to persuade management or give the staff ownership of the program.


The Plan - Next, determine what is worth recycling within the different departments.  Offices of course recycle paper.  Warehouses recycle cardboard, pallets, and packing material.  Lunch rooms can collect plastic and glass bottles.  Find the right fit for the workplace, and then work with maintenance staff to determine collection bin placement and procedure.   Desks can have personal recycle bins or a cardboard box for papers, and maintenance can empty these weekly or every few days.  Other materials might need alternate strategies.  But don’t stress.  At this point, the “dirty work” is done.


Spread The Word - Now the fun begins.  Ask management to send company e-mails to introduce the program and bolster participation.  Even try this novel idea… Send out a newsletter about the program, then ask people to commence the recycling by, hey, recycling your newsletter after reading.  You could even discuss training sessions that you, your department, or the Maintenance or Facilities teams could provide to the company to teach recycling procedures.  Just be creative.


Keep It Active - Finally, take satisfaction in monitoring the program.  Check up on your plan on if it needs any tweaking and think of ideas to provide improvement solutions.  Also send fun updates to the company about progress made, money saved or amount of material recycled every few weeks. 



When you implement these steps, you’ll break your company out of its 1950’s routine and score some major points for your vision and drive to improve your workplace.  What boss wouldn’t love that?  Plus you get to save

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