Balancing Work, Family and Friends
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There are far too many concerts, bars and sunny days to enjoy, to be boggled down by stress.  Plus you’ve got guy’s poker night, girl’s night out, that concert coming to town, the big date!  Way too many people and things in your life to be stressing on work all the live long day.  Not to mention, you’ve got to sleep!  And so starts the age-old juggle of balancing personal life, work, family and friends.  Here are a few tips to help…


Stick To Routines – You said you’d never do it.  Look at your humdrum parents!  But a routine can be the key to keeping your life after work-life balance lively and active.  Try arriving early to work to plan your workday and gain focus.  Take lunch around the same time each day.  Turn off the Gmail chat, Facebook and personal e-mail to minimize distraction and keep you getting work done diligently.


Manage Stress – Already by maintaining a routine, you limit stress effectively. However, you will need healthy ways of relieving stress.  At work, never take things personally.  Just keep moving and performing.  If you need a break, get up for a short office walk to clear your mind or say hello to a coworker. And don’t discuss your work with coworkers at events outside the office.  Who wants to talk about work 24/7?  At home, exercising regularly helps take the edge off your stressed moods. And leaving your work at the office does wonders, too. Refuse to check work e-mail at home.  Keep to your hobbies and passions as a relief to the day.  Don’t let work stress cut into living life! 


Find Mental Balance –Stop trying to be perfect, laugh at mistakes and stop believing you know everything. Easy to say, but these three things will give you mental balance making it difficult for work to keep you down.  And you don’t want that when it’s time for a beer with your buddies or a dance with a hot date.


Prioritize Time For Family and Friends – This one’s plain and simple.  Understand the situations when work or people take precedence. And chose family and friends more than not. It will pay off in the long run as relationships are far more important than a paycheck.


You can be enjoying life every night if you know how to work well during the day.  Then, after work, you have the time and energy to spend just being you, with loved ones.  Your friends and family will love that you can regularly be the life of the party!  And you will have finally found that work life balance that keeps you happy and productive to keep you moving upward.

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