Dealing With Bad Phone Calls
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Dealing With A Bad Phone Calls [renamed]
David Porter
Bad calls happen – be prepared so you don’t stress out.
People are busy, pre-occupied and unforgiving, which unfortunately tends to make them rude.  Every once and a while, you are guaranteed to have to deal with a bad phone call.  But don’t let it ruin your day!  Be prepared for how to cope and you won’t have to stress out so bad.
Patience Is A Virtue – It’s the truth, especially for a professional.  At work, you are going to get some miserable phone calls that are sure to test your patience.  When a client, customer, supplier or coworker calls and says something ridiculous, take a deep breath before you respond.  You’ll be amazed at how much it helps you calm down and regroup mentally.  Take the time to simply respondandthink of being in their shoes to understand where they’re coming from.
Customer Service Skills – Customer service skills can help you be proactive with potentially nightmarish phone calls.  When you start to hear a call going sour, think smart. Practice good phone etiquette and think of what you can say to calm down the caller.  Exercise your patient attitude and professionalism by clarifying or asking questions to get to the point of their call.  If the caller starts throwing a fit, don’t let them bring you down to their level.  Remember that you’re at work and it’s your job to be the professional.  

Handling Exceptional Cases – No matter how hard you try, some people are just impossible to deal with.  If a call gets out of hand, make something up so you can put them on hold and calm down.  If they start any kind of harassment, or they’re letting loose with some unsavory language or threatening you, don’t just take it. Make a note of the conversation, then arrange for the caller speak with your manager.  In extreme cases, transfer the call to your boss or whomever is more qualified.

We all wish we didn’t have to deal with them, but those crazy, bad phone calls are here to stay.  Be patient and learn to diffuse explosive conversations.  And when you hang up from the phone call from hell, take a minute to regroup.  You deserve it!

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