Secrets To Managing Your Boss
In Bosses, Colleagues & Clients By davidporter

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Tips for managing the manager.


Managing your boss can be a tricky thing.  You have to always think two steps ahead, and that isn’t easy at work.  But you can do it!  Know yourself, know your boss, and let the management begin!


Understand Your Boss – Every manager is different; some are on endless power trips while others are desperate to delegate everything and escape responsibility.  Before you can manage your supervisor (without getting burned, that is) you need to know what kind of boss they are.  What are their professional goals, their strengths, their weaknesses?  Figure that out first, and consider that learning an ongoing process.


Understand The Dynamic – Watch how your manager interacts with people in the office.  What stresses them out?  How can you avoid setting off their temper?  How do they expect you to respond to questions, recommendations, etc?  Be observant, and learn from mistakes your co-workers make with the boss.


A Professional Relationship – Never forget that you and your boss are two professionals.  Keep things on that level by being respectful (no matter what).  Your manager doesn’t want to be left in the dark; let them know what’s going on with your projects.  And be aware of your own professional styles.  We all handle things differently, but making some adjustments to fit your manager’s style can go a long way.


Figure out what makes your boss tick, and you’ll be able to manage the manager.  It’ll take some effort, but having your supervisor on your side at work is a huge bonus.

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