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In Smart Work Habits By chrisjanzen

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Some tips for being professional…
1.    Think like a boss. It would be wise in the interview, when your potential boss asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” - you seize the opportunity and ask what qualities or special skills are best to succeed. Additionally, if you were the boss, what would you be looking for in an employee?

2.    Be dependable. Consistently show up for work early, get your work done on time, and don’t make excuses. Dependability is one of the most professional qualities you can have.

3.    Have integrity. This should go without saying, but sadly many people in business today don’t have much integrity. We’ve all seen the scandals and abuses of power in business over the past few years. Always be true to your talent and trade and practicing of good ethics in the workplace. We have also seen people ruin the lives of others as well as their own due to a lack of integrity.  

4.    Be respectful. Show respect to the people you work with and for. The office is not the place for insensitive remarks, snobbishness, coarse language or racial slurs. This should also go without saying, but if you watch the news you’ll see people in the highest levels of business and politics not practicing respectfulness. Respect others and you will earn their respect.

5.    Strive for excellence. Don’t settle for mediocre in your efforts at work. Don’t do just what is required of you. Go above and beyond. Be ready to happily pitch in where ever you are needed, whether it’s in your job description or not. Plus you’ll learn new skills along the way.

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