Meeting Etiquette
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Figuring out the do’s and don’ts of meeting behavior.


Work meetings get scheduled for all kinds of reasons.  Regardless of why your office is having one, you should remember to behave professionally.  To do that, you’ll have to decode the secrets of office meeting etiquette. 


Minimize Distractions – You might not be able to get through your day without your BlackBerry, but your office meeting can do without it. Phones and PDA’s are HUGE distractions at meetings, so make sure yours is off or on silent.  Other massive distractions you don’t want to cause are fidgeting around in your chair and making a ruckus opening candy or food.  Leave it at your desk for after the meeting.


Be Prepared – Preparation is a key to professional success, so let your co-workers and supervisors see it in your office behavior.  Preparation begins by getting to your meetings ON TIME!  Being late is only going to make you look bad. Bring a pen and notepad with you to take notes.  And this may seem grade-schoolish, but definitely spit out your gum BEFORE the meeting starts.


Pay Attention – Show your boss that meetings are important to you by paying attention and taking notes. Don’t chit chat with co-workers while the presenter is talking; it makes you look like you’re in middle school.  When you pay attention, you’ll be ready to respond if you’re called on for a comment or opinion.  But don’t just blurt out nonsense!  Take time to think before you speak and everything will work out better.


Clean Up - Don’t leave post-meeting debris!  Make sure you take all your things, including any trash or crumbs you may have left behind if you’re meeting included food.  Also be sure to gather your pen and notes and any handouts given.  Leaving behind important materials leaves a bad impression and can put you  out later when you get back to your desk and need the information.


Just exercise common sense, and you’ll be fine in the face of  any meeting.  And most of all before, during, and after meetings, let your office behavior show others that you are a professional.

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