Should I Stay or Should I Go?
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Useful advice for making a tough decision.


You’ve had “quit job” on your agenda for a while, and now it’s time to decide.  Should you leave your company for greener pastures?  Or are they only greener because they’re on the other side?  If you take some time to work things out logically, you’ll be able to figure out if a career change is right for you.


Job Satisfaction – Is there any such thing?  Well, there can be.  Even if your job satisfaction isn’t through the roof, that doesn’t mean it will be at another office.  If you are unhappy at work, a new job may be the fix you need to turn things around.  But before you rush to quit your job on a whim, be honest with yourself about how you feel at your current job, and whether or not that is likely to change somewhere else. Plus don’t forget to address if you’re putting in what you want to get out from your job.


Weigh Your OptionsMake a ‘Pros and Cons’ list.  It’s an old trick that really helps.  Be aware of your “job reality,” – ie. Pro: I’ve got a job, Con: I might be temporarily unemployed if I quit.  Especially in today’s economy, ditching out on a job is not the smartest thing to do without some prior thinking. 


Think of a few things you’d be leaving behind.  Colleagues (is anyone a mentor? did you promise your participation to someone?), current projects (you’d leave before seeing the fruits of your labor?), future opportunities (leave before the annual company ski conference in Aspen?), pay raises (there’s often a Christmas bonus, right?), and experience (do I have that 1-2 years “experience” most new employers require?).


If you find more reasons to stay, that may be the right choice.  Plus, of course, the biggest weigh in of all, do you have that new job ready and waiting?  If not, and you don’t have any savings, that’s a big ‘Con’.


Make A Decision – This may be both the hardest and most important part.  Once you’ve considered your options, you need to decide whether to change your job or not.  If you decide to stay, work hard to improve things you don’t like.  How do you expect to enjoy something you only do with half effort or half heart? If you decide to go, focus on that new job.  And if you don’t have that new job, focus on finding a new job ASAP. 


You can’t change the world, but you can make yours a little easier to handle.  So if you can manage enough to keep your current paycheck, then do so.  But if you can’t be true to yourself and make the decision. And whether you go before or after you find a new job, never forget the final formalities – two weeks notice, letter of resignation, ask for references, and cordial company goodbyes.  Good luck!

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