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You are new on the job, and obviously, not Yoda.  So you don’t know everything yet. You may have a college degree, and that’s great, but the knowledge you gained in school won’t fully prepare you to understand the inner workings of your new workplace. So the best thing to do…ask questions!


Here’s Why…


  1. There will be many new things to remember. Asking questions at work does not make you look inept. It makes you appear ambitious and eager to learn.


  1. It is highly unlikely you have a photographic memory. Therefore, since you are human, you will forget things. Don’t be too shy to ask a question if your supervisor brings up an issue you do not recall.


  1. It’s common for a boss to say one thing and an employee to hear another. Ask for clarification and more details so you know you fully understand the assignment.


  1. Guessing or being too proud to ask a question is a big mistake that could cause major repercussions down the line. It is better to clarify things right away and make sure you and the boss are on the same page.


  1. Use positive reconfirmations to make sure you understand what you were told.  “So you want me to do such and such…correct?”


When you ask questions of your co-workers and supervisors, it shows you are taking initiative and making an effort to learn your job. That is something everyone admires.  And you’ll do your job better in the end.


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