Double Check Everything
In Just Starting By kathrynpless

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Details can make or break a task or project as every detail is a key piece of information. If you miss even the smallest detail, it can have major repercussions.  And that, can often come back to haunt you in a big way.


One of the characteristics of an efficient worker is attention to detail. Being detail orientated doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Pay attention to necessary informationInformation like - names, dates, places, times, amounts and numbers.  All are vital to any task or project, whether it be through taking the information away, or tasking yourself to include that information in the finished task or project.


Pay attention to details at the start and finish of every task.To do lists and checklists can be powerful tools.  Write notes and check against them upon job completion. Read and then re-read letters and presentations to be sure they are error free. Send confirmation emails to co-workers and clients to be sure that everything is in place and completed. If you’re not sure, ask a co-worker to take a quick look at your task to be sure you haven’t missed anything. Many times a fresh pair of eyes can catch mistakes.


When you double check everything and pay special attention to detail, you can rest assured that your job tasks and projects will be picture perfect and go off without a hitch.  And that’s the reputation you want in any job.

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