Prioritizing at Work
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You’ve got what seems like a hundred fires burning on your desk. Your to do list looks like a roll of toilet tissue and your boss just plopped down a stack of files to be done.  Now what?


One of the hardest things about a new job is learning to prioritize. Good time management is the key to staying on top of your workload and getting things done.  First, relax--you can’t concentrate if you’re stressing out.  Next make a to do list. List what needs your immediate attention. Then separate the remaining tasks by order of importance


When you’re making your list, try to remember what your boss would want first.  If you’re not sure, ask.  Your boss will appreciate that you want to get the most important job done, and that you know enough to ask what they consider most important.  If your boss isn’t available, did they give you any due dates or times the tasks need to be completed? If so, then you have your answers already. If they’re not available, then think of the projects, meetings, appointments, etc that are in the near future and if the tasks relate to any of those items.  Then that might give you a clue on what’s priority until you can touch base with the boss.  Plus, never underestimate the power of asking a co worker. 


Being organized and on task at work isn’t hard. It is more knowing what goes first and what can wait.  Clean out your inbox before you go home, and have the “ ‘Tomorrow’ To-Do List” ready.  That way, when you arrive back at work, you can hit the ground running and not get behind. Once you learn to prioritize at work, you’ll be more productive and sail through the day.

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