Work Fast… Without Killing Yourself
In Smart Work Habits By davidporter

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Manage your time and stay focused.


We all know that one co-worker who just looks drained.  Time management is not their strong point and they’re looking massively exhausted.  Don’t become them!  You can work fast without killing yourself!


Take Care – If you’re going to work hard, you’ve got to get your rest, no questions asked.  And no, two hours of sleep is not enough.  Some people are six-hour sleepers, others are eight.  You have to find which hour-sleeper you are and start passing on those bar hop invites. That way you can get into work refreshed and ready to go at it full force each day.  Also, be smart about what you eat.  That lunchtime super size burger meal or afternoon doughnut will never deliver the energy your body needs to keep going.  If you don’t care of yourself, how are you going to do your job?


Come In Early – We all need a little time to get in the zone each morning.  Coming in to work just ten minutes early will give you the moment of peace you need to get organized and start right in on all that job stuff you’ve got to do.  A moment of piece is a precious commodity on the job, so grab it.


Organize Your Tasks – You’ve got a lot to do, and you want to work fast.  But you won’t be able to if you don’t work smart, too.  You need organized work habits and the holy grail of the efficient worker: the to-do list.  Multiple to do lists! The more detailed they are, the more they’ll help you with time management.  Think of it… “Today’s To-Do List, Tomorrow’s To-Do List, Daily To Do List, Weekly To-Do List, Meeting To-Do List, Monday Morning To-Do List”… you name it, it could go on and on with your on-the-job creativity.  Use it as a tool to always stay on track.  Couple that with smart and organized work habits like taking notes, asking good questions, multitasking, prioritizing, etc and you’re golden.  Plus it just feels great to cross things off your list!


You don’t have to be a work casualty.  Remember, it’s all in the details.  Get your rest so you’re reasdy to start your days off right, and eat right.  Try getting into work early for that extra edge.  Create and use your to do lists and start smart work habits.  Soon you’ll be knocking out tasks at lightning speed. 

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