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Avoid sabotaging your credibility by abusing office communication tools and constantly talking on your own.


Using work computers and phones for personal business is a big “Don’t”.  Plus always being on your cell phone dishing about the latest gossip or that last game, will never be well received.  Avoid this common office misbehavior to keep your credibility in tact.


Big Brother is Reading


Surfing the web for personal interest is a no-no.  Not only can it be recorded, but it can cause viruses.  And when IT gets a hold of that origination address, good luck.


Also your work likely monitors your emails, and they are well within their right to do so.  Work computers are provided for work use only.  Even an entire software niche is devoted to the practice of monitoring emails!  Treating your work email address as your personal email address clogs up your inbox and shows an obvious disregard for company policies.  Bad behavior aside, do you really want your boss reviewing an email to your best friend in which you detail the embarrassing medical problem turned up at your last physical?  If you absolutely can’t get through the day without your afternoon check in with your friend or significant other, then go back to the basics and use your cell.  Fire off a quick text or call at lunchtime, and keep your personal business personal. 


Personal Calls


Your email isn’t the only method of communication your boss is privy to.  Office phones can be monitored as well.  It is usually obvious to everyone around you when you are conducting a personal call (especially you, Mr. Loud Phone Talker).  While dialing out personal calls can be avoided sometimes personal calls just find you.  If you must give out your direct line to friends or family be sure they understand that it is for emergency use only.  If your girlfriend can’t seem to understand that calling about her broken shoe does not qualify as an emergency, you may have to resort to screening her calls and listening to voicemails to discern true emergencies from perceived ones. 


Constantly conducting personal business at work, be it personal calls or emails, gives a bad impression to your boss and makes people think that you are expendable.  Don’t think you are getting away with calling or emailing on the sly either.  And constantly talking to your friends and buddies and family on your own cell phone half of your workday, is just as bad as all the rest.


As a rule, just be subtle and use common sense.  Or even better, just wait until breaks or after 5 to handle your personal business.  You’ll be smarter for it in the end. 

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