Work Overload
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Getting your work load under control.


In the understaffed climate of today’s office life you may be suffering from work overload, particularly if you are new to the professional world and haven’t figured out proper time management yet.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel – take control of work overload with these strategies.


Identify the Issue


If you are feeling stressed out by work overload it’s time to take a few minutes to figure out why you are overwhelmed at work.  Young professionals tend to live a work hard, party harder lifestyle, so constantly being tired could be the work stress culprit.  If you are brand new to the work force your may not have figured out time management strategies yet.  Lack of organization can make even a light workload seem overwhelming and cause anxiety.  If you don’t fully grasp the concepts or procedures you are given, it can be hard to plow through an assignment.  Or maybe you really, truly are too busy at work to accomplish all of your assigned duties.  Figure out the problem sooner rather than later to keep yourself from having a humiliating break down at work. 


Resolve to Fix the Problem


You can get your work overload and resulting anxiety under control.  Identifying the problem is half the battle.  If you are constantly tired reevaluate your sleep habits.  Save the bar hopping for Friday night and get some shut eyePracticing time management skills can keep you from suffering work stress as well.  Prioritize assignments and use to do lists to keep you on track and organized.  Break projects down into easily achieved goalsand learn to multitask.  If you aren’t fully understanding your work, learn to speak up and ask for clarification when a task is assigned.  I promise no one will think you’re an idiot.  Partner up with coworkers on overwhelming projects and divvy up the workload accordingly.  If you are positive (and I mean really, really positive) that you simply have more work overload than your schedule allows for then have a sit down with your boss to discuss prioritizing and time management.  “Sink or swim,“ is a dirty little trick used on new employees to see just how well they can perform.  If you are overloaded it’s possible they are just waiting to see when you will say you’re at capacity. 


Work overload can cause stress and anxiety and make you resent your job.  Figuring out the problem and finding a solution should become your number one priority. 

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