Some Things You Should Never Do at Work
In Attire, Conduct & The Workplace By kathrynpless

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You want to avoid things that can not only make you look bad, but may have you packing your desk up and being escorted off the premises. 


In the office there are boundaries that no one should cross.  Office dating is a sticky subject.  Many places prohibit co-workers from dating.  Dating your boss is a definite no-no!  Don’t think you can work your way to the top by dating your boss, it just doesn’t work.


Sexual harassment isn’t just for men, women can be just as guilty.  What you might think is a joke, the other person may take offense to.  Then you’ll be written up or fired.


Stealing and lying are things you should avoid at all costs.  Even the occasional missing office supply gets noticed.  Go to Staples and buy your own pens and Post-It notes.  It’s not hard…


Gossip hurts everyone involved.  Don’t get tangled up in office politics.  Try to stay neutral if you can.  If you wouldn’t say it to a co-worker’s face, don’t say it at all.  Gossip has a way of coming back around and biting you right in the backside.


If you’re off on a business trip, watch your expenses.  Accounting adds every little penny.  So remember that when you’re trying to impress clients.  Trust me, I know.  I used to check expense reports.


Overall, know your office policies.  Re-read them if necessary – they’re usually found in the HR departments.  And best tip of all, use COMMON SENSE.  This alone will keep you out of trouble, and on your way to a successful worklife.

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