What Casual Friday Really Means
In Attire, Conduct & The Workplace By kathrynpless

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Know the difference between casual and sloppy attire at work.


Casual Fridays were created to give workers a much needed end of the week break.  But, Casual Friday doesn’t mean sloppy, unprofessional or suggestive dress.


Flip-flops are never acceptable office attire no matter how casual your Fridays may be.  Save your sneakers and tennis shoes for the weekend.  Even if you have a pair of $200 Nikes, they should stay home.  Now ladies, Casual Friday is not Friday night at the club.  Leave your sky high stilettos and platforms at home. 


Casual Friday is not a license to wear revealing tops or mini-skirts.  You’re still at work so cover yourself up.  No one wants to see bare shoulders, cleavage or underarms.  Well maybe some do, but trust me, that is not the attention you want on the job. 


On the flip side, don’t go too casual and show up in a sweatsuit, aka the tracksuit.  Yes, J Lo looks fly in one, but unless you’re making a music video, leave the sweatsuit in the closet.  And that goes double for tracksuits with any big, obvious writing on it.  You know, like that sequined “juicy” across the “T” or “A”.  Big no, no.


If you do choose to wear jeans, be sure they are in good shape.  No ripped, stained, wrinkled or bleached jeans at work, please!  Men, seriously… no rips, stains, bleach spots or wrinkles.  It needed to be repeated.  Here too, with the jeans – no big, obvious writing or pictures across the “A”.  Ladies, seriously… nothing on the “A”.  Again, had to be repeated. 


Also leave your favorite grungy tee shirt in the drawer.  Yes it got you through second year English Lit, but you’re not in college anymore and its time to dress like an adult. 


It’s simple.  Show up for work on Casual Friday in comfortable but neat, clean, well-fitted “dress casual” clothes.  And you’ll be prepared for anything that comes up while looking like the professional you are.

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