You Must Remember Names
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In the work world it is imperative that you remember the names of the people who surround you. Remembering a person's name and pronouncing it correctly are important ways to show respect, whether in the work place or out.

If you need a little help in this area, try these helpful hints.


  1. As soon as you meet or are introduced to someone, say their name aloud at the first possible opportunity. “Hi Jack, I'm Chris. Nice to meet you." Always look a person in the eye as you use their name.
  1. Associate the person with someone you know.  For Jack, I would think of my favorite uncle, who is also named Jack. (Hint: Associations are powerful tools, not just for remembering names.)
  1. If the name is a difficult one, get clarification on how to correctly pronounce it. Politely say, “Am I pronouncing this right...Mr. Thibadeaux?”  Wow. Good to always double check with names that include an 'x'.


  1. Use the person's name as often as you can when interacting with them. Call them by name when you greet them, ask a question, and when thanking them.
  1. A fun way to remember names is to remember some feature about the person and make up a little nickname for them. We've all heard of McDreamy, so why not use McWavyhair or McCoolglasses too?
  1. You'd be amazed how much a little rhyme can help as well. “There goes Jesse, I wonder if he's messy.”  “Here comes Sophie, she deserves a trophy.”  Yes, it's silly, but hey...whatever works.


See… remembering names isn't that hard!  You can do it.  No more, "so sorry, I'm terrible with names."  That excuse is unacceptable and quite rude.  But don’t worry, after a few of these tricks, you will have it all under control and imprinted on the brain.

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