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Must-do tasks to complete post hire.

You aced the interview and sealed the salary deal, but it’s not all smooth sailing from here.  Starting a new job means checking these unglamorous tasks off your new job to-do list.

Before You Begin:

Dress For Success – Put together enough outfits for your first week of work.  You need to be especially conservative in the beginning while you decode the dress code, but keep comfort in mind too – this is no time to break in those new heels.  

Conquer The Commute – If possible, do a practice run of your new commute on a weekday morning at the time you’ll be heading in.  “I had no idea I-95 is so crazy in the morning!” is no excuse for being late on day one.

Assemble Your Arsenal – Your company will supply you with a rash of cubicle goodies like pens, staplers, etc, but be prepared with a few supplies of your own.  A pen and pad for scribbling notes during the introductory phase are good starters.  

Day One…

Introductions All Around – Make sure to ask for introductions to key players at work.  Keep a list of names and associated departments, and highlight the ones it would be really, really embarrassing to forget (your boss, their boss, owner of the company, CEO, etc).  Your homework this week is to study that list.

Learn To Navigate – Until they release building specific GPS, this one goes on the to-do list.  You’ll need to know departments like HR, accounting and purchasing, shipping and receiving, the supply closet for when the pen thief strikes your desk, the bosses offices, and the location of all conference rooms for when you’re thrown into a meeting. And of course that oh so important locale, the restrooms.


Take Notes – Write down everything, and make sure reviewing it is on your to-do list as well.  Compile a list of responsibilities and section them off into morning to-do list, mid-day to-do list, and end of day to-do list.  

Socialize with Co-Workers – Finally, something fun on your to-do list.  Getting to know your new peers at work is important not only because it helps you to assimilate into “the crew”, but also because they hold information that is vital to your success.  Co-workers can (and will!) tell you that the boss hates to be spoken to before their morning coffee and that the fish sandwich at the deli on the corner is guaranteed food poisoning.  Very important information.

Starting a new job can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if this is your first foray into the “real” world.  Checking these tasks off your new job to-do list will make the transition from newbie to established worker a much smoother process.  

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