Getting To Know Your New Co-Workers
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Be friendly, not nosy.


You spend a massive amount of your time every week with your co-workers.  Getting to know them will make spending time at your office less miserable.  You don’t have to ask for everyone’s life story.  It can all start by just simply introducing yourself.  Be friendly and observant.  Ask questions without being nosy.


Break the Ice - Sure, your team members have introduced themselves.  But knowing someone’s name is not the same as getting to know them.  First you need to open up a little yourself.  Make it a point to say "Hi" to your workmates at the start of the day.

Use simple ice breakers like, «Hey.  Can you show me around?» or «Here, let me show you around.» Or a really good ice breaker if you're starting is something like, «any tips you can share?»  Whatever it is, be sure it's positive and won't lead to awkward moments.  And while it might sound cheesy, a smile really can work wonders in this department. 

Small Talk - You don't need to dream up some ridiculous topic in order to make small talk work.  Just be yourself!  And be sure to keep the conversation on easy topics, like movies and music.  Don't act distracted or bored while your workmates are talking to you.  And if you hit a topic that obviously makes somebody feel uncomfortable, just switch to something else.


Getting to know your new workmates pays off.  Face it - dealing with people can be rough stuff.  But when everyone on your team knows each other, it just makes the job, that much more easy, comfortable and less stressed. 

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