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Pencils and paper and pens - oh my!  The selection is a bit overwhelming when you’re charged with ordering office supplies.  Take a deep breath and start with the basics. *30


First - Find out what office supply store your company uses or has an account with.  Office Depot, Office Max, Kmart, Wal-Mart are all popular.  Next, find out which way they order.  Online?  By phone?  Or maybe someone just takes a quick trip to the store with the company credit card or uses their own money later reimbursed.  For the latter, always, always have a receipt!

Second - Take a look at what you have in stock.  Make a list.  What have you run out of or what is running low?  

Here are a few basics…

Copy paper is always needed.  A ream is usually a good unit to order. No need to get fancy.  Basic white copy paper works great in most copiers and printers.

Pens are always walking off so don’t order anything too expensive.  Simple ballpoint or gel pens are essential.  Black, blue and red to get you started.  

Sharpies, ah Sharpies…for some reason these little black wonders have gained a following no one can explain.  Now they come in lots of colors, but remember, we’re going after the basics here so don’t go crazy.  Black, blue and green are the basics.

Post-It Notes.  So much fun!  They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors.  But stay focused!  Stick with the regular sized square ones.  Now, the colors you can get a little jiggy with.  They’re almost all the same price.  Generic sticky notes can be ordered if name-brand Post-It Notes are too pricey.  They work just as well.

Other Items To Grab:

Tape Dispenser
Notebooks or Notepads
Hole Puncher
Pencil Caddy
Drawer Organizer
Paper Clips

If you’re not sure what else you’ll need, try to chat up your fellow co-workers and ask them what they use the most.  A simple supply list can be a great tool.  This will help you gauge what supplies are most needed and by whom.  So relax, Dorothy, there is light at the end of the “‘yellow sticky,’ brick road”.  Just take it one item at a time and remember, you can always order more!


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