Yes, There Is Office Restroom Etiquette
In Attire, Conduct & The Workplace By stacymorgan

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Using proper Restroom Etiquette to avoid defiling your reputation.


The office restroom is not a magical place free from social graces.  Office politics dictate that you exercise proper office restroom etiquette, or face the wrath of co workers or giggling behind your back. 


General Office Restroom Etiquette Remember those cute little bathroom phrases from your youth?  They still ring true.  “If you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and clean the seat”.  “We aim to please, so please aim”.  Hopefully, as a grown adult with a real job, you don’t need to be reminded of these.  Less obvious but still important is keeping your grooming habits to yourself.  If you absolutely must floss your teeth after lunch, do it in the stall with a pocket mirror, and then next time skip the poppy seed bagel.  Clothes readjustments also belong in the stall.


PC TP Usage Remember, if you kill the roll you fill the roll.  Don’t leave the next person stranded, they likely saw you exit the stall and know where your cubicle is.  Unwrapping a new roll and leaving it on the back of the can does not count as a refill.  Also, be sure to flush every piece of toilet paper you throw in the toilet.


Men’s Room Etiquette Also, the crackdown on excessive use of office supplies does not apply to the restroom spray at work; use the TP.  And while you’re at it, a courtesy flush wouldn’t hurt either. 


Ladies’ Room Etiquette Let’s get this uncomfortable topic out of the way – your lady goods do not belong in plain sight on top of the garbage.  If your office restroom is not equipped with dedicated disposal cans, the creative use of toilet paper can save the next person from the unsightly.  Use spray and try to find a moment alone to take care of less delicate functions.  Hiding in the stall until the restroom empties out doesn’t usually help.  The shoes always can identify, especially those red patent pumps. 


Talk If you walk in or meet someone inside, your safest bet is to keep quiet in the stall and at the urinal.  And unless you want your next performance review held in the john, don’t attempt to discuss work-related issues with your boss while they’re taking care of business.  Best policy – while your boss is in the restroom, you’re not.


Wash Your Hands Oh, and did I mention, always wash your hands?  Well, always wash your hands.  For obvious reasons of course.  Plus that fact that you’d be surprised how many people pay attention to that little action.


So yes, there is office restroom etiquette…and practicing it keeps your reputation intact.  Very important.

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