What Not To Wear
In Attire, Conduct & The Workplace By stacymorgan

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Decode your office dress code by avoiding these Don’ts.


Office dress codes are rarely written out in an easy to follow straightforward guide to work attire.  The number one rule of dressing for success is to dress for the position you want, not the one you have.  Your boss wouldn’t be caught dead in these inappropriate looks, and you shouldn’t either.


Flip Flops It doesn’t matter if they’re decked out with rhinestones or paired with a cute skirt, flip flops are not appropriate office clothing unless you happen to be a lifeguard. 


Tight or Overly Loose Clothing Tight clothing is not only suggestive, it just feels terribly uncomfortable, even to the viewer.  Too loose clothing makes you appear sloppy.  The correct fit for work fashions walks a fine line, and that line is called your size. 


Sneakers Nope, not even on casual Fridays.  While you’re at it, skip the sky high heels (cap it at 3” ladies), scuffed up loafers (yes guys, you actually have to take care of your shoes), platform pumps (you know, the one’s you affectionately call your “stripper shoes”), and “mandals”. 


T&A (Figure it out…) – Ladies and gentlemen, save these for your significant other.  Invest in a belt and save the low cut shirts for ladies night out.  Appropriate men’s wear and women’s wear do not include peeks of your birthday suit. 


Exercise Clothing When they said wear a suit, they did not mean a track suit.  If it’s made of fleece, mesh or spandex, labeled as a “wicking” material, or adorned with racing stripes, then it’s out. 


Bare Shoulders No one cares what the temperature is outside.  Bare shoulders are not acceptable work fashion, and they inevitably lead to bare armpits.  Gross. 


Worn, Torn and Outdated Faded, torn, bleach-stained and paint-stained clothing may have been the Abercrombie endorsed look that got you voted best dressed in your frat house, but it’s likely to get you voted first on the chopping block in the office.  Do yourself (and the rest of the world) a favor and toss anything reminiscent of the past decade’s grunge revival. 


While this is hardly an exhaustive list, using your best judgment should steer you right.  So think, and know that if you’re even wondering if something is appropriate work attire,  it’s probably not. 

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