Your Boss, Friend or Foe?
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You’ve finally landed your dream job…congratulations! Now, what kind of relationship will you have with your supervisor? Is this person your friend…or the enemy?


The truth is your boss is neither. While some managers are really cool, this person is still the boss of you, and has the power to fire you. Never forget that.

It’s a sad fact that some bosses are jerks. They can be egotistical, moody, and demanding. They are like people that way!  Let’s face it; there are some bad bosses out there.
 But take heart, newly employed mover and shaker. You can cope with whatever kind of boss you end up with.


Being ProfessionalFrom the very first day you show up to work, be the absolute epitome of professionalism. This cannot be stated enough! These tips will encourage your boss to trust you, which in turn helps them to like, appreciate and respect you.


How To Be Professional:

·         Show up early (not just right on time).

·         Do your work, and pay attention to the details.

·         Ask questions when you don’t understand or need clarification.

·         Take initiative. And let your supervisor know when you’re ready to do more.

·         Do not make personal calls, text, or surf the net while on company time.

·         Do not call in “sick” unless you are on death’s door…seriously!

·         NEVER utter the words, “that’s not in my job description.” Anything your boss asks you to do is in your job description unless it is illegal or unethical.

·         Do all of this without whining, complaining, or making excuses. If there is one thing a boss values in an employee, it’s someone who will be positive AND responsible in all their duties. Be a team player.

Your Boss Is Human – Remember, bosses are human, and can have problems too. Give your boss the benefit of the doubt and expect the best. Hopefully they will be professional enough to not allow personal problems to invade their work life, but again, they are human.


Follow this advice and you can have a professional and friendly relationship with your supervisor.


Now go out there and make us all proud!

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