Escape The Chatty Co-Worker
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Every office has one.  Learn to deal with yours.

No matter where you work or what you do, your office is guaranteed to have at least one motor-mouthed employee who doesn’t know how to keep quiet.  Most times, they are nice people who just like to share…everything…everywhere…nonstop.  And they are sure to drive you absolutely nuts.  Unless of course, you know how to handle them.


It would be great to just blow off that Chatty Kathy or Too-Much-Information Steve co-worker of yours.  But the reality is that your office is like a team, and sooner or later, you might their help.  Don’t worry, you can manage to escape that talk-aholic coworker and still be respectful.


Strategy #1 – When the chatty coworker corners you in the break room, the copy room, or wherever else, keep a smile on your face.  Listen for a little while so you can develop a get-away excuse that’s believable, and proceed to give them your best one.  Then just rotate your escape plans.  “I’ve REALLY got to go to the bathroom” won’t work every time.  You can answer a fake phone call, but that one can be a little tricky and is only reserved for the… “experienced”.


Strategy #2 – Chatty coworkers tend to talk about things they like.  If you can manage to shift your conversation to a topic they’re not as interested in, you may be able to escape sooner.  Like inquiring to Susie, “...hey about those Jets?” or to the guy with the toupee, “do you know where I can get a good hair cut?”  But be careful, some people can talk about ANYTHING.


Don’t forget that you’re not the only one suffering.  Everyone else in the office has to deal with the same motor mouth co-worker.  So get ideas from your team members, as subtly and "no-namingly" as possible.  And if you see them caught in an endless conversation, help them out!  They’ll be sure to return the favor.

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