How To... Prepare A Conference Room
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Setup procedures for a thoughtfully a prepared meeting room. 


Preparing a conference room for a meeting is all about the little details.  Details that keep meeting participants comfortable and encourage the open flow of information.  While a well prepared meeting room is unlikely to impress your boss, poor preparation will leave them wondering what other simple tasks you can’t handle.  Pulling off meeting room preparation is a no-brainer with these tips. 


ReservationsMedium-size companies to large corporations with multiple conference rooms maintain schedules for meeting space.  Book these conference rooms through the proper channels, and make sure you double-check the reservation.  Then be sure to reserve adequate time for the meeting, as well as a good 30 minutes to an hour both before and after the meeting time, for preparation and cleanup. 


While lengthy seminars on budgetary issues bore your colleagues to sleep, food and coffee perk up even the most narcoleptic workers.  So make catering arrangements for the group where appropriate.  Don’t forget also reserving through the proper channels (usually the IT department) necessary AV equipment, like podiums, laptops, projectors and TV’s.


SetupHave all your supplies ready for quick setup before the meeting.  This means EVERYTHING – food, chairs, laptop, projector, laser pointer, AV equipment, documents and markers for whiteboards or giant notepads.  Forgetting something simple like documents will have you blushing in one corner and your boss silently steaming in the other. 


Arrange seating based on the type of meeting.  Yawn-inducing lecture type conferences call for rows of chairs facing a podium, while round-table discussions require, well, a round table.  Place food to the side and document packets at each seat.  Bonus points if you have a glass of water waiting at the speaker’s podium.  Those with a less than stellar janitorial staff should give the meeting room a speed clean. And if you do have food, make sure there is a garbage can or two in the room before the meeting. Arm yourself with a little witty small talk in case your boss arrives early. 


BreakdownImmediately upon conclusion of the meeting clean up leftover food, return furniture to its original positioning and call the audio-visual guy to come pick up equipment.  Wiping down tables is a common courtesy to the next poor sap that has to set up the room. 

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