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So your office went paperless. Learn tips and tricks on sending an email fax over the internet.



Whether you are using email or a fax service over the internet, the steps are rather similar.  All you need is a computer and an internet connection.  First you must make sure that your company has installed the proper program on your computer to enable you to send faxes over the internet or email.  Once this is done you’ve got it made.


Email Fax– Simply Compose a new email.  Then choose your recipient in the To: line.  Addressing a fax email is a bit different from a normal email because you must include the Recipient’s Fax Number or Address.  This will be provided to you by the person receiving the fax.  Also enter in a Subject.  Next Attach the document to your email and wait for it to upload.  Then click Send.  It’s that easy.


Internet Fax – Sending a fax by the internet is just as easy as sending one by email because the program often incorporates your own email program.  First you need to subscribe to an online fax service.   Popular sites (just add the ‘.com’) include MyFax, MetroFax, eFax, RingCentral, TrustFax, and RapidFAX.  Then, the program usually builds right into your own email programs and it’s as simple as sending an email fax as explained above.  Compose a new email, include the Recipient’s Fax Address, enter in a Subject,Attach the document, Send and viola - done! 


Sending a fax by email and internet is a great alternative to using a traditional fax machine.  You save time and raise productivity, all while saving paper in the process.  “Go green!”  Plus you’ll be operating even more in the 21st century. Always a plus to doing a great job.

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