How To... Create A Shared Document
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Sharing documents with coworkers and bosses allows your colleagues to make necessary revisions (hello, red pen!).  And using proper file share procedures ensures everyone has the same revision to work with.


Company Intranet– Depending on your company’s size, you’ll be met with several different possibilities for sharing documents.  One way is on the company Shared Network, or Intranet.  Usually a common feature within large and medium-size businesses. 


These Intranetsare updated in real time, which keeps that guy “that’s always one step behind everyone” from editing an old revision.  Simply, Save As, navigate through the sometimes overwhelming network of company folders, and select the appropriate one.


Be sure to note your shared documents.  You can do footers that read “Rev:” and the format you select for tracking revisions, such as “Rev:1 SLM 1-17-10”.  This format indicates that it’s the original document, created on January 17th by the person whose initials are SLM.  Encourage contributors to update the footer appropriately so you can track revisions with ease.  Or you can save the file name with “v” (version) and the number.  So a document might be saved as “Budget v1”, “Budget v2”, and so on.


Shared Folder – You can also share files saved locally to your computer by allowing other users operating on your company network access to a folder that contains the files you wish to share. 


First Create a New Folder within your My Documents folder and call it “Shared Documents”.  It’s important to create a separate folder to ensure the gossip queen from 2 cubes over doesn’t peruse ALL of your documents.  Then, right click on the folder, and select “Share…Select the user (or users) you wish to share files with from the drop down menu.  If your office is not configured with a network to do this, then read on.


More – There are a bunch of file sharing softwares out there that can work for you and your team with just a simple download.  All you have to do is search for the right one and implement it on your computer.  But there’s one more surprising application that can do the job.


Everyone knows Google is taking over the world, and sharing documents is no exception.  Google Docs  allows you to sign in via your Google account and upload files for sharing.  Then the interface allows you to easily invite others to access your Google Docs and assign permissions like View Only or View and EditWhile you can be sure your data is safe from prying internet eyes on Google, it’s best to check with your boss on company policies before sharing documents containing highly confidential information. 


While giving up your hard work to others for editing can be upsetting for some, advanced sharing options and permissions keep shared documents and files within your control.  Just make sure you keep a separate copy of your original document, so you have proof that you’re not responsible for that silly sentence someone added back in “Rev 4”. 

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