How To... Use Microsoft Access For Work
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This isn’t an instructional lesson on how to use MS Access, but rather how to learn to use it for work.

Information is gold in today’s workforce.  Keep all your info at work safe with Microsoft Access.  With Access you will be able to store and manipulate data to your heart’s content.  Use the basic Access Database to input Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Account Information and other valuable data.  From there you have the freedom to generate reports, mail merges and tables with specific fields tailored to your needs through easy-to-use queries. Plus it has the tools built in to help you create relevant groupings in queries so that all data is clear and up-to-date.

Reports Create stunning Reports chock full of information.  MS Access gives you the advantage of seeing what your report will look like while you work on it.  Run a Query and pluck out exactly the data you need easily.  Analyze trends, forecast marketing strategies and group information for clarity.  You can design your own report and put your personal style on it or use one of the many Access Templates.

Mail Merges MS Access can save you hours of work.  Instead of being a painful chore, Mail Merges for mass mailings becomes a breeze.  Compose your letter in Microsoft Word, and then set up Fields (name, address, etc) to mesh with a query.  Then, push the enter key and like magic, well written and personalized letters come pouring out of your printer.  You can update the data in Access and print out letters as you need them or when a client’s information changes.

Tables MS Access is also compatible with Microsoft Excel.  Transform a query or report into useful Spreadsheets.  This capability is a life saver when you are faced with time constraints.  Once you set up your Database you can Import information from Excel or Export it from Access.  This feature lets you create Budgets, Inventories, Market Trends, and more, with ease.  You can even work in real time with your team with Windows Sharepoint Services.

Learn the ropes with this program.  By keeping the integrity of your work-related information in tact, you’ll become a valued go-to expert for data extraction and manipulation.

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