How To... Send A Mass Email
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Your boss just told you to send an email to the entire company.  But don’t panic!  You can do this.  In fact, it’s a piece of cake.


Write - First things first, open your Inbox and click on New or Compose depending on what email program you use.  Usually it’s Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.  Find the subject line and enter something short and sweet pertaining to the information you have to share.  Then start writing the body of your email.  Remember that everyone in the entire company is going to read your email (including your bosses) so make sure you sound professional. 


Use a standard font like Arial or New Times Roman to write in.  Black or dark blue font is best.  And feel free to use bullets, numbered lists and even other colors.  Whatever easily appeals to the eye is usually the best bet.  And for the love of a paycheck, check your spelling and grammar too – and keep in mind, spell check is not nearly as reliable as your brain is. 


To finish off, attach all necessary documents or files, and double-check they open correctly.  Also don’t forget to sign out with a nice email signature.


Address Book – Learn how to access the address book, which you always find in your email program.  Once there, you’ll be met with several different possibilities depending on the infrastructure of your company.  If you’re in a large company, there is an internal address book (updated by IT and HR) that you can access.  It is usually filled with department groups which each contain the respective team members and their emails.   If you’re in a small company, you might only have an internal address book of team members and their emails without any groups or department groups.  If you’re in a tiny company, you might only have an address book containing team members and contacts that you’ve inputted yourself.   So, depending on the type of address book you have, you’ll either be able to select different groups (containing various emails) – very quick and easy, or you’ll only be able to select single emails. 


To – Don’t click send yet!  This is where you’ll be specifying who receives this email.  Click the To button which will take you to the address book.  Then input everyone either by their respective groups (often ready something like “Company X All” or “Department Y All”, or by adding all the individual emails necessary.  Once you’ve selected everyone for the ‘To’ heading, double check to make sure all needed recipients are there.


Cc – If there are any secondary persons or teams involved who just need notification of the message, you can enter their email addresses here.


Bcc – If a recipient needs to be hidden or kept secret, you can enter their email addresses here. Then, once the email is delivered, these recipients will not be listed.  The Bcc line should be right below the Cc line.  If you don’t see the Bcc line, usually you should be able to bring it up by clicking on the To button.  Entering everyone’s email here will still send a company wide email, it just won’t tell everyone who else got it.


Send - Make sure that you’ve, one, got everyone’s email addresses in the right To:, Cc:, and Bcc: boxes, two, entered a proper subject line, and three, double-checked your email for spelling, grammar and format.  Now, click Send.  Then, lean back in your chair, and feel good about yourself – you just sent a company wide email!

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