How To... Create A Contact Sheet
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Learn how to assemble a contact list sheet in Excel to keep your necessary internal and external contacts organized.  A very necessary thing to do in this crazy, mutli-tasking business world we live in.


Creating (and maintaining!) a master list of business contact information keeps key information organized at your fingertips.  A time saver when you’re in a crunch on the job.  Microsoft Excel is one of the best programs to create a contact list with, and there are all kinds of contact lists you can create for you, your team or department, or your boss.   Just a few examples, before the nitty-gritty of how to start…


Business Leads List

Internal Team List

Emergency Contact List

Press Release/Media List

Important Numbers List

Office Birthday List


Add HeadersOpen a new worksheet in Microsoft Excel.  Start out by entering key Headers like Name, Company, Department Name, Title, Phone, Extension, Mobile, Fax, Email and whatever else necessary.


Save, Save, Save At this point, save the file whether it be on a server location or a local disk drive.  Your business contact list is NOT something you want to lose just cause the electricity went out.  


Format AccordinglySize and format the columns accordingly.  To auto-size columns, double-click on the right edge of the column header.  To format columns and cells, right click, then select Format Cells or select Cells from in the Format menu on the toolbar. 


Once there, pick a category type from the list.  Most columns can be formatted as “General”, but it’s important to use appropriate formatting for columns with numbers to prevent excel from trying to calculate someone’s phone number or losing trailing zero’s.  In the case of phone and fax numbers, choose Special or Custom, then Phone Number.  If the phone numbers will be international, select Text.


Title It – Add a title such as “Business Contacts” to the top cell of the page, and use the merge and center command to position it nicely over the entire document.  Then increase the font and bold it to make the title stand out.


Date It – Insert an “Updated On” cell with the current date of completion. Can be above or below the main list.  Usually best in smaller font.  This is just to use as a quick reference on when the sheet was created, and therefore should be updated.


Maintain Your ListCreating the spreadsheet is half the battle, but common sense says if you don’t maintain it then it’s relatively useless, isn’t it?  Get in the habit of always recording a new contact’s information immediately, and updating current contact’s information that have changed. 


If you’ve just begun your job you will likely be updating this sheet a lot as you come in to contact with vendors, clients and other business contacts.  A very necessary thing to do in this crazy, mutli-tasking business world we live in.

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