How To... Use An Office Phone
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Your desk phone is your portal to the business world.  Fumbling through features is embarrassing and, let’s face it, makes you look ridiculous.  Save face with this small guide to your multi-line, multi-feature office phone.

Place a Call On Hold – Need a moment to get your hands on that important file?  Punch the Hold button on your office phone to provide your caller with a little musical interlude while you get yourself together.  

Pick Up a Call On Hold –If that long winded sales rep you’ve left on hold for 10 minutes refuses to hang up after you’ve placed them on hold, simply press the lighted line they’re holding on, then pick up the receiver.

Transfer a Call –When the temp receptionist misdirects yet another angry client to your desk phone, simply press the Transfer button, the intended recipient’s extension, then hang up, and let someone else face the wrath.  

Access Your Voicemail – When your five minute coffee break yields six new voicemails take a big swig of java.  Many phone system have mailboxes with each desk phone.  Often, all you need to do is hit the Voicemail button on your office phone, enter your password, and swear to never leave your desk again.  

Forward Your Calls –When you’re going to be away from your desk phone for an extended period keep your self accessible by forwarding calls to say your cell phone.  Simply press the Forward button and follow the prompts to enter the phone number you wish to forward your calls to.  Then call from your cell or another office phone to double check it works.  This can help alleviate overloaded voicemail syndrome.  

Adjust The Phone Volumes – When Mr. or Ms. Loud Talker show up on your Caller ID, pick up the receiver and immediately dial down the Phone Volume with the down arrows.  Usually right on the face of the phone or on the left or right sides of the phone base.  Also, if the ringer constantly scares you into a heart attack, use the same up and down arrows (or knob) to adjust the volume when the phone is not active in a call.  

Keeping a post-it with your direct office phone number, extension, and instructions for basic phone tasks near your desk phone can aid in the learning process for your office phone system.  Master your phone and refuse to allow those measly 60 buttons to rule over you.  It’s just a piece of equipment, and you have a job to do. 

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