How To... Create A Sharp Presentation
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Here’s an easy guide to creating a simple, but sharp PowerPoint presentation.


PowerPoint is an incredible tool that can put all of your ideas, plans, strategies and more visually onto a screen for all to see.  So, if you work in an office, most likely you’ve seen it in action many, many times.  Now, you’re charged with putting together a little presentation on your department’s marketing strategy or what have you.  Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a simple, but sharp presentation.


First, open PowerPoint. Click ‘Start Menu’, ‘All Programs’, and then ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’.


Slide Design – Start with a ‘New’ Presentation.  Inside, look at options to ‘Change Slides’ or change ‘Slide Design’.  This will give you the various themes to choose for your presentation - meaning, color, image, font, and design.   Think of two things on a scale of conservative and modern when picking a theme.  The subject presenting, and the audience.  Then simply pick the most appropriate match.


Title Page – Now, your first page, called the Title Page, should contain the title of the presentation, your name and/or names of all who contributed in the presentation (or jointly the name of your department), plus the date. Then add maybe an image or logo, and you’re good to go.


Build Your Information – Click on ‘Insert’, then ‘New Slide’.  Again the layout dialog box will appear, and you can select the right layout for your next page. Concentrate first on adding the information and content, then on getting the layout just right.  Then keep adding slides when necessary.  You can use bullets and numbering too to get all the text visually appealing.  Then of course, you can never go wrong with adding images like pictures and logos.


Effects - You can set yourself above the crowd by using 3-D effects, shading, and more for select content.  Also, add timing, sound and transitions in Slide Transitions to keep the presentation moving.  Some of the most basic and easy transitions are Dissolve, Push, Fade, Box and Swipe.


Review, Review, Review – After adding all the necessary content.  Go over everything from the top as many times as necessary.  Simply click on ‘View Slideshow’. Rearrange slides to make your presentation flow better.  MS Powerpoint helps you do this by editing slide positions individually or in a group.  Review content and slide order and change until it is seamless.  And Voila!  Your basic presentation is ready.


Oh, and don’t forget, to Save, Save, Save.  Every minute if you can remember.  Nothing like working hard on something that disappears in the blink of an eye.  And I promise, a sharp presentation will always set you apart.

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