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Oh, that diabolical copy machine. A source of much office frustration.  Especially when starting a new job or seeing a new copy machine for the first time.  Well listen, it's so easy, it's ridiculous.  No need to feel intimidated.  Usually a copy machine, whether it be Canon or Xerox or whatever, they all pretty much function the same.  Simply approach the machine and look at the buttons and panels logically.  

Copy - Lift the lid and set your document on the screen.  There are usually little marks for Letter and Legal size papers along the margin of the screen that will help you align your paper properly.  A copier or copier printer will typically let you choose how many copies you want.  Just select the number, and hit 'Start' or 'Copy'.  It's usually that big, green button staring you right in the face.  If you make a mistake, try that obvious button that says 'Cancel', and then just start over again.


Resize - On most advanced copy machines, you can re-size your document using the zoom button.  If it's not on the panel, look for a button that says 'Settings' or 'Options' and then follow the menu until you find the correct command.  If you want the paper's image to appear bigger, anything greater than 100% works.  If you want it smaller, than select anything less than 100%.  On that note, you can also change actual paper sizes.  Like making a Legal size paper zoom to fit onto a Letter size paper and vice versa.  Just go again to 'Options' or 'Settings' and then look for something like 'Legal >Letter' or 'Letter>Legal'. 

Color Copy For some copies, black and white just won’t cut it.  To make a color copy, make sure you’ve selected the color option on your copier.  It’s usually good to run a test copy to be sure there’s enough ink in the copier.  After that just punch in how many copies you need, hit the big green copy button, and voila! – You’ve got color copies.


Collate – This feature is genius!  Basically, if your office has a bigger machine with a collate feature, it allows for your copies to print in order, of groups or sets.  Some even have staple and hole-punch features.  If your task calls for ordered copies, just select, Collate on the menu, then the features wanted.  And the copier just spits it right out.

More Copier Tips - If you use a copier scanner or a copier printer, just make sure you don’t confuse the Scan, Print, and Copy buttons.  For copy machines that make color copies, there is usually a separate button for that too.  Also some fax copiers can be confusing, since they have lots of extra buttons and number pads on them.  Your best bet is to find the biggest green button and not get distracted by the others.

Copy Paper – There’s nothing more annoying than trying to make a copy just to find out the machine’s out of paper.  You can avoid the frustration if you check to make sure the paper tray is full before you hit the copy button.  And don’t be part of the problem – always add paper to the machine when you see it’s getting low.  Your workmates will appreciate it, and may even remove you from the gossip list for it.

The most important thing to remember when using the office copy machine is don’t rush.  Take your time to make sure you press the right buttons.  If you make a mistake, who cares?  Just recycle the junk copy (or shred it if it's sensitive material) and do it again.  You’ll have the hang of it in no time.   It's so easy, you'll laugh once you've mastered it.  

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