How To... Use Microsoft Excel For Work
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Master the many uses of using Excel for work, and you will shine as the office’s number guru!

Microsoft Excel is a crazy powerful spreadsheet program that you can use for just about anything.  That’s why folks from Timbuktu to down the street use it every day in their offices.  Master the ins and outs of Excel and you will shine as the office’s number guru!


Spreadsheets - You’re faced with a bunch of numbers your boss wants you to make sense of, don’t panic!  Just open up MS Excel, and start.  With Excel you can create all kinds of functional and creative spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets can be as big or as small as you need them to be with the capability of using up to 1 million rows and 16,000 columns.  Now that is a mondo-spreadsheet! 


If you have an enormous amount of data to input, you can either do it manually or Import data from other documents.  Each cell of a spreadsheet is easily formatted for text or numbers.  You can turn ordinary numbers into currency, dates, percentages and more just from the selecting them in Format.  Also plug Formulas into specific cell areas to do calculations with ease, and there’s even a Formula Auto Complete function that clues you in on these intimidating calculations. 


Want color?  Need some style?  Use the Style Gallery to select a pre-formatted style, or customize to your heart’s content.  You can even produce charts and graphs with 3-D effects to make your reports really eye-catching.  Excel even lets you create charts and graphs from Word and Access files. 


More - You can really impress the boss when you remember to be creative with Excel.  Every spreadsheet can have a use.  Here’s a list of just a few:




Expense Reports








Time Sheets

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