Office Phone Functions You Need To Learn
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An inability to operate your office phone will have co-workers and clients alike secretly calling you “newbie”.  Overcome your fear of the 200-function phone with this guide to critical features.

So you've just started or your phone is diabolical.  Either way, you just need a good guideline of what you need to get down with your phone.  Read on.

Phone Functions You Must Memorize:
The Hold Button - Nothing is more embarrassing than saying “hold please”, and then spending an uncomfortable silence fumbling for the key you know is “around here somewhere...”.  
The Transfer Button – Knowing how to transfer a call empowers you to forward that cantankerous misdirected call to someone more deserving of the verbal abuse.  
Conferencing Procedures –  Practice this feature by opening a fake conference call on your desk phone, and then conferencing in on your cell.  Clients are so never impressed with accidental disconnects.  
Forwarding Calls – This is where you forward calls calling into your office phone, to another location, namely your cell phone.  So get this one right.  Learning to forward calls to your cell is critical if you are frequently on the road or away from your desk, as availability is a key part of client satisfaction.  
Forward To Voicemail – If project deadlines loom and you need a little quiet time, direct to voicemail can be your saving grace.  Forward to voicemail operates under the aliases Do Not Disturb, Away From Desk, Unavailable, or In a Meeting.  
Phone Volume –  Know how to adjust the volume on your office phone; both the ringer and the caller levels.  You don’t want your loud talking friend to call shouting about last night’s wild party when the boss is standing over your shoulder.

Picking Up A Call On Hold – Don’t be caught unprepared when the intercom booms your name (“Melissa, line 37, Melissa 37”).  No cheat sheet for this one, you’ll probably need it when you’re away from your desk phone.    
Create a cheat sheet of these key phone features and keep it by your desk phone until you have them memorized.  Also post your office phone number near your phone to avoid the common but embarrassing “You can reach me at, uh, what’s my number?”  Mastering your desk phone can be tricky, but not knowing how to use key features will make shedding the inevitable “newbie” title that much harder. 

So get it right, and then, get on doing your job.

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