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Personal Calls and Emails
Avoid sabotaging your credibility by abusing office communication tools and constantly talking on your own.


Using work computers and phones for personal business is a big “Don’t”.  Plus always being on your cell phone dishing about the latest gossip or that last game, will never be well received.  Avoid this common office misbehavior to keep your credibility in tact.


Big Brother is Reading


Surfing the web for personal interest is a no-no.  Not only can it be recorded, but it can cause viruses.  And when IT gets a hold of that origination address, good luck.


Also your work likely monitors your emails, and they are well within their right to do so.  Work computers are provided for work use only.  Even an entire software niche is devoted to the practice of monitoring emails!  Treating your work email address as your personal email address clogs up your inbox and shows an obvious disregard for company policies.  Bad behavior aside, do you really want your boss reviewing an email to your best friend in which you detail the embarrassing medical problem turned up at your last physical?  If you absolutely can’t get through the day without your afternoon check in with your friend or significant other, then go back to the basics and use your cell.  Fire off a quick text or call at lunchtime, and keep your personal business personal. 


Personal Calls


Your email isn’t the only method of communication your boss is privy to.  Office phones can be monitored as well.  It is usually obvious to everyone around you when you are conducting a personal call (especially you, Mr. Loud Phone Talker).  While dialing out personal calls can be avoided sometimes personal calls just find you.  If you must give out your direct line to friends or family be sure they understand that it is for emergency use only.  If your girlfriend can’t seem to understand that calling about her broken shoe does not qualify as an emergency, you may have to resort to screening her calls and listening to voicemails to discern true emergencies from perceived ones. 


Constantly conducting personal business at work, be it personal calls or emails, gives a bad impression to your boss and makes people think that you are expendable.  Don’t think you are getting away with calling or emailing on the sly either.  And constantly talking to your friends and buddies and family on your own cell phone half of your workday, is just as bad as all the rest.


As a rule, just be subtle and use common sense.  Or even better, just wait until breaks or after 5 to handle your personal business.  You’ll be smarter for it in the end. 

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By stacymorgan

Five Steps to Enjoying Your Job
Making work more than just the daily grind.


Sure, you wish you were independently wealthy, but you’re not… not yet anyways.  And until you get there, you’re going to have to work.  So why not enjoy your job?


#1: Do Your Best – No matter what it is you do, excel at it!  A little extra effort will let you take pride in what you do.  Working hard to go the extra mile even on simple tasks will make you feel good about your work and will help you love your job.


#2: Challenge Yourself – Even the same old boring work can be livened up a little if you just challenge yourself.  Yes, you know exactly how to prepare that document you’re assigned.  But can you do it better, faster, more efficient?  Can you learn something new that will make you more productive?  Don’t just do a good job, show everyone (including yourself) how awesome you can be.  Bosses always love that extra initiative anyway.


#3: Make Friends – Don’t be a loner.  Sure, not everyone at work is going to be your new best friend, but there have got to be a least a couple friendly people around.  Start out by saying hi, or asking for an opinion.  When someone opens up, you’ve got a new work friend, sure to perk you right up.


#4: Get Stress Under Control – Stress is the mass murderer of being happy at work.  Don’t let it get you too!  You can kill it first if you’re proactivetake little breaks when you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Be reasonable with how much you demand of yourself, and use your off time to RELAX!  If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up.  Learn from it.  Simply, acknowledge and proceed to finding the right process that won’t allow for that same mistake to occur.  And if someone loses their cool with you about whatever, don’t take it personal.  Just learn to be resilient, and keep on moving.


#5: Have Fun – No, this is not an oxymoron!  You can, in fact, have fun at work.  Fight boredom at all costs.  Find joy in the little things.  Tasks completed, learning a new skill.   All good stuff to dwell on. Remember to laugh (even at yourself).  It never hurts to maintain your sense of humor even on the job.


In full time jobs, you spend a third of your Monday through Friday lives at work.  Some jobs it’s even more time than that.  That’s a huge time commitment to spend not enjoying something.  So instead of dreading the 9 to 5, remember, it’s a paycheck, and more importantly a start to advance to where you want to go in your career.  And try a few of these tips to enjoy your job and worklife. You’ll be smarter for it in the end…

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By davidporter

Personal Life Issues - Leave The Drama At Home
Focusing on work even when your life is a mess.


Boyfriend/girlfriend trouble?  Dead-beat best friend?  Roommate from hell?  Drama happens to everybody.  Still, personal problems and work do not get along.  At all.  So it’s important to learn to leave the drama at home to maintain professionalism when you’re at work.


Stay FocusedI know, it’s not easy.  When personal problems are feeling overwhelming, it can take a lot to stay focused at work.  But you have to make the effort so that those issues don’t start spilling over into your professional life.  Focus on specific tasks or projectsConcentrate on the positive things going on at your job when you start getting overwhelmed by other issues.


Avoid The Messy Phone Calls – If your cell phone rings, and you know the call is going to get messy or loud or both, let them leave a message and call back later.  Trust me.  The people in the cubicles and offices around you do not want to hear the drama. 


No Personal Visits – If you’ve got drama with someone, do whatever you can to keep them away from the officeBlow up situations never sit well with your boss or co workers. And often end up in the “gossip talk” of the day, month or sometimes, even year.  Seriously, people don’t forget!  Plus if it violates office conduct in a serious way, there could be a sudden loss of paycheck.


Kiddies - If you have any kiddies (8 and under)… unless they are well behaved and/or there is a kid friendly policy in the office and/or you have a space, room, or office to accommodate them, this is probably something to avoid.  Try to always be on schedule with the babysitter, day care, school, and pickup/drop off family members and friends.  That will allow you to be at work without having to bring your kids unless it’s, of course, for the company picnic.


Keep Personal Things Personal – Remember that your personal and professional lives are two distinct entities.  Simply put, keep your personal problems out of the office.  If you must confide, make sure it’s someone you trust.  You don’t need anymore headache by once again being part of the gossip train.


Control Your Worrying – Personal problems are not easy, and you’re probably going to worry.  But you need to get this stress under control on the job.  When you feel overwhelmed, try to distract your mind with a different task.  Or get up and go to the breakroom or bathroom for a quick breather.  Take your break outside instead of at your desk.  And be sure to grab some awesome comfort food for lunch! 


Drama is always imminent.  Train yourself to be tough and the maker of smart decisions.  This way you KEEP THE DRAMA AT HOME.  That way you focus on doing a good job and keeping your professional life intact.

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By davidporter

Balancing Work, Family and Friends

There are far too many concerts, bars and sunny days to enjoy, to be boggled down by stress.  Plus you’ve got guy’s poker night, girl’s night out, that concert coming to town, the big date!  Way too many people and things in your life to be stressing on work all the live long day.  Not to mention, you’ve got to sleep!  And so starts the age-old juggle of balancing personal life, work, family and friends.  Here are a few tips to help…


Stick To Routines – You said you’d never do it.  Look at your humdrum parents!  But a routine can be the key to keeping your life after work-life balance lively and active.  Try arriving early to work to plan your workday and gain focus.  Take lunch around the same time each day.  Turn off the Gmail chat, Facebook and personal e-mail to minimize distraction and keep you getting work done diligently.


Manage Stress – Already by maintaining a routine, you limit stress effectively. However, you will need healthy ways of relieving stress.  At work, never take things personally.  Just keep moving and performing.  If you need a break, get up for a short office walk to clear your mind or say hello to a coworker. And don’t discuss your work with coworkers at events outside the office.  Who wants to talk about work 24/7?  At home, exercising regularly helps take the edge off your stressed moods. And leaving your work at the office does wonders, too. Refuse to check work e-mail at home.  Keep to your hobbies and passions as a relief to the day.  Don’t let work stress cut into living life! 


Find Mental Balance –Stop trying to be perfect, laugh at mistakes and stop believing you know everything. Easy to say, but these three things will give you mental balance making it difficult for work to keep you down.  And you don’t want that when it’s time for a beer with your buddies or a dance with a hot date.


Prioritize Time For Family and Friends – This one’s plain and simple.  Understand the situations when work or people take precedence. And chose family and friends more than not. It will pay off in the long run as relationships are far more important than a paycheck.


You can be enjoying life every night if you know how to work well during the day.  Then, after work, you have the time and energy to spend just being you, with loved ones.  Your friends and family will love that you can regularly be the life of the party!  And you will have finally found that work life balance that keeps you happy and productive to keep you moving upward.

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By christopheropiela

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